Starr Travel subscribes to the Sabre Reservation system. Sabre, with their bargain finder program, allows us to find the very best fares and schedules for your travel itinerary.  Our experienced reservation agents stay up to date on ever changing airline industry information, and pass that knowledge along to you.

We use three different approaches to researching the best international airfare.  First, we check the published fares in Sabre.  Next, we call our preferred consolidators (ticket brokers) and check their rates.  These consolidators contract with most major airlines and often provide better rates (bulk fares) to the travel agent community.  We also check with several of our tour operators that resell international seats.  We report our findings to you, offering you the lowest fare and best schedule for your travels.

Starr Travel charges a $20.00 service fee on all domestic airline tickets and a $30.00 service fee on all international tickets.  Considering the amount of time you will save by not researching flights yourself, we definitely think you should give us a call at 336.854.9292 to book your domestic or international flight today.

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