Places to go...


On the island continent of Australia, you can visit the incredible Great Barrier Reef, see kangaroos and koalas, explore the legendary "Outback," cruise the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, learn about Aboriginal Dreamtime and meet the friendly Aussies.

New South Wales

New South Wales is rich with natural wonders: white, sandy beaches and dense sub-tropical rainforests, rugged high country and the scorched expanses of the outback, to name just a few. It also boasts Australia's largest city, Sydney, where you'll find some of the best dining, shopping, entertainment and culture in the country.


Queensland, better known as Australia's 'Sunshine State,' boasts the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, the virgin rainforest of the Daintree, thousands of pristine white beaches, the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and, of course, the Outback. You will also find fantastic entertainment, shopping, dining and nightlife in Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and many tourist towns.


Victoria, home of the dazzling and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, is the gateway to the Great Ocean Drive. You will also find untouched eucalyptus rainforests, sandy beaches, the Victorian alps and desert plateaus. The region is also home to some great wineries.

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