Cancellation Policies

Airline tickets:
Unless told otherwise, all airline tickets are non-refundable and carry change penalties.
Cruise lines:
Most deposits are refundable if canceled prior to the final payment date.
We will advise you if you have booked a cruise product that comes with a non-refundable deposit. Cancel fees go into effect after final payment, and as the departure date nears, all monies become non-refundable.
Tour packages:
Tour deposits are non-refundable, and once final payment is made most packages become completely non-refundable.
Hotel penalties vary greatly. Some hotels require cancellation by 4pm on the day of arrival, while others may require a 24 hour or 72 hour cancel notice to avoid a penalty. 
Specialty hotels, or hotels booked during prime events or holidays have greater restrictions.
The tour package policy applies for hotels booked as part of a package.
Car rentals:
Unless otherwise stated, car rental prepayments are refundable for advance cancellation.
Rail tickets / Rail passes:
All have cancellation penalties and some are nonrefundable.